Kranken Gears, Treacherous Seas


Series: Kranken Gears
Status: Agent is Submitting to Editors!

Implicated in the violent destruction of a stronghold, Akiva and her crew flee the port, but they can't escape the traitor on board nor the discovery that will alter the course of their lives forever. Adventure fantasy represented by Faye Atchison of the Margret McBride Literary Agency.

Kranken Gears, Eyes of the Sun


Series: Kranken Gears
Status: Brewing

Book 2 

Shhhh. It's a secret...

Ashes & Bone


Series: Cerberus Foundation
Status: Submitting to Agents

When Kenya's partner is killed and foul creatures push the world towards the brink of a new dark age, the Order that betrayed her will find that hell hath no fury like a Slayer scorned. Gritty contemporary fantasy. 

Black Mountain Magic


Series: Stand Alone 
Status: In Author Edits

When an ancient evil threatens her ancestral hometown, Rory, the last of the Dawson witches, is all that stands between her beloved town and a fate worse than death. Contemporary fantasy.



Series: Shattered Mirrors
Status: In Progress

Different, shunned, hated, Lochlyn has come to accept a life far removed from others. But when she discovers a dastardly plot to annihilate a kingdom that loathes her, she must search her soul and decide if she's willing to put her life and that of her beloved creations at risk to stop it or allow the events to unfold. Dark fantasy doused in alchemy and splattered with romance!